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FZC7732 Series Middle Speed EDM Cutting Machine

FZC7732 Series Middle Speed EDM Cutting Machine
Product details:

1.Four axes independent UV work, all linear rails with stepping motor.

2.Extra vertical stroke for thick piecework.

3.Special Tensioning mechanism for molybdenum wire, keep stable cutting.

4.Work pieces to 600mm thick.        

5.Taper angle up to ± 30°. 

6.Small wire diameters 0.12- 0.22 mm  (down to 0 .08mm).       

7.Accuracy: 0.01mm, even 0.005mm.   

8.Roughness: Ra 0.8~1.6 um.   

9.Low consumption, material saving.       

10.Closed loop glass scales on all four axes for positional accuracy of 0.005mm.        

11.Advanced CAD/CAM software with file transfer and translation capabilities.                 

12.Control system with luxury cabinet. ( HL, HF, W-Cut, A-Cut)                                    

1.Taper cutting accessory. (± 15°, ± 30°.)

2.Linear rail.

3.Protection cover.

4.AC Servo system.
Working Table size  (mm)440×620
Max.cut thickness(mm)300
Stroke(U/V)(mm)(Normal):24×24 (Large taper):D-60×60 E-130×130 T-240×240
Electrode diameter(mm)(Molydbenum wire) φ0.10~0.22
Electrode moving speed(mm/sec)12,9,7,5,2
Max.cutting angle(Max.multi-cut):±1.5°/50mm;
(Max.one time-cut):±3° D-±10° E-±18° T-±30°/50mm
Positioning accuracy(mm)(Multi-cut): 10×10×30(Squire)≤0.006(One time-cut)≤0.012 (Multi-cut)(Octagon)≤0.009 (Strightness)≤0.006/50mm
Process roughness(Ra.um)(Multi-cut):Ra≤1.2(Micro-pulsepower Ra≤0.8) (One time-cut):Ra≤2.5
Driving motorStepping motor or* AC servo motor*(Optional)
Guide screw and trackPrecision ball screw/Linear motion guides
Tension systemthree grade(0/1/2)tension adjustable
Working fluid capacityComplex or water-dissovle special coolant/65L
Power supplyAC3 φ -380v/2.5kva
Max.workpiece weight(kg)450
Remarks:  Be reduce 100mm,due to targe taper device fixed. *-(Option); Linear scale(lum)
  Model 630/800 is not ristricted on the item,even others with large taper.