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1 it with 0.03 ~ 0.35mm metal wire as the tool electrode, electrode shape does not need specific manufacturing.

2 although the processing object is mainly flat shape, but in addition to the minimum diameter of R inner diameter determined steps metal wire (wire radius + discharge gap) of such restrictions, any complex shapes can be processed.

3 contour machining required machining allowance is low, can effectively save the precious material.

4 high speed WEDM pulse power supply using low loss, can ignore the wire electrode loss, improve processing accuracy.

5 rely on computer control wire electrode track and clearance compensation function, the processing tool, the gap can be adjusted.

6 using the emulsion as the working fluid, do not have to worry about fire, can the circadian unmanned continuous processing.

No matter how the 7 workpiece hardness, as long as the conductor or semiconductor materials are capable of processing.

8 any complex shape of parts, as long as the establishment of processing procedures for processing, production and processing so it is very suitable for small batch parts and products, processing cycle short, flexible application.

9 if the four axis, cutting taper, part variable taper and the upper and lower hedra etc..